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The Worth of "Waiting For"

How do we value waiting? Do we value it at all?

In non emergency situations, can the space inside waiting be filled with value?

Most of us are not just sitting around waiting and thinking what a great opportunity that is.

But could it be?

Baking has taught me that it will not be rushed. It takes as long as it takes. Precision is called for and so is patience. Baking will not be hurried.

(Neither could the special needs children I taught for over half of my life. People who knew me as a teacher would tell you that I have patience. I thought so too until I started my own business.)

When time is money, waiting is costly.

Rushing ahead can be too. I have tested both so I can tell you first hand. They are!

The process of making Benji Bars®, the actual hands on part of measuring and mixing, rolling out and cutting, packaging and weighing, putting stickers on the bags, filling the bags and heat sealing them, teaches me the value in waiting. Each step demands it's own time. When I rush, the result is not the same.

The business of making Benji Bars®, the years now since that vision in 2014, have taught me that waiting is part of the process. A well thought out plan of not rushing ahead. A deep appreciation for the learning curve and the wisdom in redirecting, not retreating.

The space inside the waiting is not static. It is in full motion. Full of opportunities to test your skills, your expertise, your commitment, your passion. There is time to see what tomorrow brings and what you bring to tomorrow.

Whatever you wait for, make it worth the wait.

Make it Better®!

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