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Be Ready

On Thanksgiving, during our celebration, a family member suffered a medical event and 911 was called. In my family and present at the time, were two people trained for responding to a crisis, (one a law enforcement officer and one a nurse). Also present was a long time school teacher who turned out to be the dispatched EMT's fifth grade teacher.

I watched from the sidelines as they all did what they were trained to do. I watched as they all contributed their own unique gifts and talents.

And I was grateful to them for their service and their compassion and I realized how much we all need each other.

And I realized that we are all connected. In times of trouble and in good times, we all need each other. We all have a part to play in the lives of those around us.

Reaching out to make things better, in your own unique way, really does mean the world to someone.

Be ready.

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