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Burdenless Generosity and Active Gratitude

The season of giving will soon be upon us. Stores have Christmas music playing and the ads have started coming at us full force. Some people have it all "wrapped up" already while others wait to the last minute......but however you do it, the season of giving will soon be upon us.

But wait a minute, aren't we always in the season of giving? We give of our time, our resources, our talents, and mostly of ourselves. We do it daily in some way or another. We are all givers.

Shortly after I had the vision to create Benji Bars® Make It Better®, the phrase "burdenless generosity and active gratitude" came to my mind and I knew immediately that it was the perfect motto for our Benji Bars® Make It Better® mission.

Generosity is a gift in itself. Kids know this. Have you ever seen a little kid get so excited to give something they made to someone special? It's pure and it's joyful. It is the kind of giving that truly blesses both the giver and the receiver. Generosity of time, of kindness, of grace, of mercy......are also beautiful gifts. No price tag attached but they are treasures for sure. A gift from the heart that touches another is the ultimate giving. Burdenless is not a word I had ever seen before but when it came to my mind, it perfectly described this type of giving. It is pure and it is joyful.

Active Gratitude.......being grateful is well, great......but showing gratitude by some sort of action that makes a situation or circumstance better, is even greater.

I have been the recipient of this type of generosity and it spurred me to act upon my gratitude.

One day I may tell that story. Until then, I know you have your own story and sharing it may be just the gift that someone needs to receive. After all, the season for making things better is always upon us!

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