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I Painted A Wall....

It has been almost a year since I last posted a blog. That is not how it is done....ask anyone who has ever written a blog. But yet, that is indeed where I find myself today. My saving grace is that in the almost year since I blogged, I found ways to just keep going with my small (micro) business.

That is no small thing and I think I will stay on this one topic for well, maybe the next year of posts. Not really, because that is not how it is done....ask anyone who ever read a blog.

I have won some awards and I have done some good things but mostly I have found lots of ways to fail and keep going. I promise that I will not post cutesy inspirational quotes because I HATE those. They are all cute at first and make you smile but then they leave you all alone to do the tough part....keep going.

Here is the thing.....YOUR story, YOUR vision, YOUR passion, YOUR why......they matter. They matter on days you win and they matter on days you fail and they matter in between all the spaces of those days. In the spaces where you need to make a next step but that foothold, path, direction is invisible or unclear, well that is a tricky space where cutesy inspirational quotes fail. You need something solid. And sometimes you gotta make it yourself outta whatever you can.

For me, I visualize a scaffold. I am a very visual person and pictures help me clarify my thoughts and ideas. If you build a solid foundation for your scaffold and build it diligently with hard work

and smart choices in many areas, then you can fall or trip or fail and still have something to hold on to.

And don't forget that somebody who matters (that would be ALL of us) is watching you build that structure.

So the other day....I almost decided that none of this was true. I was tired, hurt, angry, sad, frustrated and feeling quite sorry for myself.

Just empty of any desire to build my way up. I needed to do something tangible to MAKE IT BETTER. I had no big picture answer to my problems no brilliant plan for next steps.

So, I painted a wall in my kitchen. It is a beautiful shade somewhere between green and blue. It brought color and light into the space. Same wall, different perspective.

And that started a domino effect that led to me organizing, prioritizing and looking for beautiful small ways to tackle ugly "walls" that obstruct my view of where I need to get to. I changed my perspective and decided that making one small thing better is actually the only way forward. One wall at a time.

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