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2017 Score Award Winner!

Thanks to you, Benji Bars® was honored in Washington, D.C. last week as SCORE mentors to America’s small business’ presented the 9th annual SCORE Awards honoring small businesses from across the nation. We were honored with the award for Outstanding Women-Owned Small Business. Watch us receiving this award below! Thank you for your continued support, helping us to grow and succeed in our community.

Your support helped Benji Bar receive the prestigious award of Outstanding Women-Owned Small Business, at the annual SCORE awards ceremony in Washington, D.C. last week. Thank you making us part of your lives and thanks to SCORE for helping our small business dreams come true. “This year’s SCORE Awards are a true celebration of the American entrepreneurial spirit,” said Resa Kierstein, Vice President of Development for SCORE. “Our winners come from diverse backgrounds, industries and regions, but each embody the courage, perseverance, and vision necessary to create successful small businesses. A special thanks as well to our SCORE Awards sponsors, who strengthen our efforts to educate, support and advocate for the millions of entrepreneurs pursuing the American dream.”

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