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This basket went to a charity auction.  Gratitude and Generosity are the ultimate unmuddlers!!

I'm making up words but they mean a lot to me so here goes. This post has been in the making for a while. But don't worry, I'll keep it short and simple. If you are like me, sometimes you get overwhelmed. I heard some great advice about dealing with that feeling....just focus on the task at hand (not the whole thing) and keep going.

Don't stop! (Learn to rest a while without quitting...then get back to the next task.)

I tend to muddle everything up, but taking one thing at a time, you can push through. Sounds simple. Let it's not so simple in real life! The next time you feel this way just do the next right thing and then the next until you are where you need to be. Or at least headed that way.

I have taken this advice to an extreme and I could not be more thrilled with the outcome. I like the idea of unmuddling. I like it so much I decided to unmuddle a lot.

Make It Better goal: Unmuddling.

I knew that I would have to reorganize some areas of my life and that entails knowing what to keep and what to keep out.

I had a conversation with a total stranger today. He was helping me with a problem I was having with an app. He said something profound...he said the problem happened because somehow I went offline and the connection was gone mid transaction. (Kinda like getting distracted?!? We can't connect if we are always distracted.) He said to delete the app.

(Eliminate the problem.) Then reset. (Restart.)


  • Eliminate what distracts us from what is important.

  • Restart - but make sure to have solid connections and that they are meaningful. (Otherwise they are distractions.)

  • We get overwhelmed with distractions and we fall offline and connections get dropped. BUT DON'T QUIT! Restart with a solid connection to what is important.

I'm cheering for you, now go make stuff better!!

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