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Make It Better Happy Mail

I wasn't expecting to find inspiration in my mailbox. But I did. It came in the form of surprise "happy mail". Several states away, unbeknownst to me, a 7 year old girl - I will call her "E" - was making something just for me. She found out that I love owls so she colored one for me and signed the back. Her Grandmother - someone I love and adore - had told her randomly that I like owls and so "E" simply got busy coloring one for me. I have never actually met "E" but I love her and her simple act of kindness has inspired me.

It inspired this blog post because it so eloquently sums up the Make It Better® mission. A random act that makes something better for someone. Simple? Yes, Powerful? Yes.

So what stops us? I think that often people have no idea where to start. So I hope that this blog can be a source of inspiration and ideas for making stuff better.

"E" is 7. She is beautiful and joy filled and I have it on good authority that she sometimes does gymnastics on a mat in her yard - the front yard!! What a girl!! What an inspiration!! She touched my heart with a paper owl.

Of course, I have named the owl. She is Madame Sophia and she now oversees Benji Bars® headquarters. A beautiful reminder of how simply we can touch the lives of others with a single, simple, straight from the heart action.

Thank you "E"!!!

May I present, the one and only.......Madame Sophia!

Isn't she fabulous?!? Whooooo's next? Go be someone's Make It Better®!! We will be right here cheering for you!!

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