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One "Mom-Crafted" Unique as YOU make it!

Benji Bars® are soft and sweet with a hint of sea salt. Delicious on their own, for sure but that's not all!! The seven simple ingredients that make Benji Bars® taste so great are easily paired with other sweet and savory foods. The combinations are limited only to your imagination. Benji Bars® invites you to make your own mark on the world.....and start by eating a great snack the way YOU want it.

My favorite way to start the day is with Benji Bars®. Currently I am loving them with sliced fruit and milk. I've tried them with almond milk, coconut milk, and regular old skim milk. The end result is a bowl of awesomeness. With 52% of the recommended daily allowance of fiber, I'd say it's a great start to any day.

Benji Bars® also pair well with fresh fruit, yogurt, salads and smoothies!!!

Let us know how you like to enjoy them. We'd love to hear from you while you're out there making stuff better!!

Benji Bars® with fruit and milk of your choice make breakfast better!

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