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Now, Later and Whenever

Whenever I was nervous about doing something, my Dad would say, "Just don't get in a hurry and you'll do fine." He said that when I learned to ride a bike, when I went to get my driver's license, when I started my first job and even when I got married!

There is wisdom in not getting in a hurry.

Sometimes, though, you have no choice. Sometimes quick actions and quick decisions are called for. In those cases, you do your best and move on.

But what about when you have time to think. To ponder. To dream. To wish.

If you take too long an opportunity might slip by. If you act too soon you might make a mistake.

So when is the right time to start making something better?

Right now!! And later!! And just about whenever!!!

"Just don't get in a hurry and you'll do fine."

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