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Where We Started

My youngest son, Benji, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2000 at the age of 3. Our family spent the next 18 years purchasing more than our fair share of processed granola bars and protein bars of every sort. After years of learning how certain foods affected his blood sugar, it became quite a challenge to provide Benji with quality energy sources that would sustain him through rigorous exercise without making him sick or causing his blood sugar spike. 

Benji Bars® are the result of a literal vision I had one afternoon on my way to his soccer practice after yet another failed attempt to find a snack that had just the right ratio of net carbohydrates to protein to fiber. My mission was clear; if we couldn't find something right for him, I'd create it myself. Through research, trial and error Benji Bars® came to life, and rather than keep it to ourselves, my family decided to share this product with families in our community throughout the country.

Make It Better®


My oldest son, Charlie, is the inspiration for Make It Better®. (That's quite the story, and perhaps we will share it one day. You will hear more about this on the blog.)

These Benji Bars® and our charge to Make It Better® are the direct result of this Mom being inspired by my sons' tenacity for life and capacity for compassion. Benji Bars® lie at the intersection of love and nutrition. Moms want to provide the best for their children, and this is my offering to my kids, as well as other moms out there searching for nutritious options. Because health is innately personal and each person requires their own set of nutritional guidelines, we invite you to check out our nutritional analysis to determine Benji Bars® are a good fit for you and your family.

While my sons are the inspiration for Benji Bars®, the vision encompasses so much more. Make It Better® can be personalized by anyone. No matter what situation you find yourself in, there is an opportunity to make something better -- the next thing you say, the next step you take, the next action you make, the next thought you think, even the next bite you take. Whatever it is, we encourage you to make it better!

Make It Better® implies some sort of action, but the beauty is that you get to choose for yourself how that comes to life! The opportunities are as unique as you are. We're just here to offer a gently, positive nudge - a thought-provoking sentiment that has limitless possibilities! Consider what life would look like if we all took one opportunity every day to Make It Better®.

Our Mission

Our mission is "burden-less generosity and active gratitude," which comes from seeing firsthand how generosity and gratitude opens doors and provides avenues of service that may have not been available otherwise. Burdenless generosity is exemplified by giving no strings attached, so the giver and the recipient are equally blessed, with no imbalance of power. This is the type of giving that flows from being actively grateful. We encourage everyone to start a ripple effect of generosity and gratitude that keeps on spreading throughout their lives and communities.

And take some Benji Bars® along for the journey!

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